Micro Steam Shower System




Proven technology for the atomization of medicated oils and salt solutions from minerals, vitamins, trace elements, fatty acids and bio-photons infused into the body through the pores of the skin and the respiratory system.


KAESCH MICRO STEAM: How does it Work?

You simply enter a glass shower compartment where you sit comfortably and press the start button. After a few seconds, the room is filled with a light that envelops your body. This technology contains nebulized soluble substances such as vitamins E and C (this is not a sauna, it is atomized at room temperature for better absorption through skin). The elements of natural oils, salts and minerals from the salt solutions infused in the micro, are then able to enter through the pores of the skin to the organs, the connective tissue, the nervous system and cells of the body. Thus the immune system of the body is supported. Disease and inflammation in the body can be treated by the dissolved vitamins. Free radicals can be combated successfully. The micro also contains ultra-fine aerosols which are formed by the atomized bio-photons. These are waves of light that are emitted from every living organism constantly, and must be renewed by nature continuously. Undeniably, the KAESCH MICRO STEAM plays a vital role facilitating bio-photons in certain biochemical processes such as free radical reactions necessary for the bio-photon process to work effectively.

  • Bio-photons counter Free radicals

  • Activation of metabolism within the cell.

  • Positive impact on the entire endocrine system.

  • Increasing the bio-photon of the body and fight free radicals.

  • Nervous stability and physical well-being.

  • Improvement of skin tone.

Overall performance – Increase the resistance forces, lower cholesterol, increase of capillary flow, increased elasticity of blood vessels and skin allergies subside, treatment of skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis can be treated successfully, cellulite is reduced, significant reduction in blood sugar levels in diabetics, normalize blood pressure in hypertension.

Positive effects can be evident after only 15-20 applications (1 application per day for about 10 minutes each time)

People often realize and sometimes with regret, experience an unfortunate event reinforcing that they are responsible for their own health and welfare.  To prove oneself in any endeavor one has to be hale & hearty, be it with regard to nutrition, reasonable physical exercise and a balanced psychology. Vacation and rest are essential to productivity; learn to listen to the signs and signals of the body.  It is not enough to try to catch up on a whole year of neglect with a few weeks of rest and recreation per year; it is an ongoing and continuous process.  Increasingly, people are beginning to realize the importance of regular maintenance of good health than was previously the case. Regular use of KAESCH MICRO  STEAM helps you develop good practices achieving sound long-term health goals.

People are living longer and after a long and arduous career of work, they want to enjoy their retiring years in sound mind and body and for those post-retirement years to be a positive and engaging experience. This desire can become a reality if you can enjoy living healthily with a balanced lifestyle.

A completely new development contributes to this concern and creates a simple and natural way to assist optimum fitness, performance and well-being.


The KAESCH MICRO STEAM shower compartment is equipped with complete innovative technology combining the use of natural organic materials. In addition, it can also be used for the application of active substances under medical supervision. The effective aim is to support the immune system, in a body-stimulating, antioxidant rich environment yielding a favorable cosmetic treatment of the skin and mucous membranes. A variety of compounds can be blended into the micro and infused while resting comfortably in the shower compartment.

The atomized micro-droplets penetrate the pores of the skin as a result of the opposite electrostatic charge after impact on the skin and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract infusing the blended micro into the cell structures of the body.

This positive effect can be clearly demonstrated by the photon count. The nebulized ingredients infused into the micro reach the whole body quickly and with immediate effect.  The blended, infused, natural nutrients are not ingested into the digestive tract so are not consumed or excreted by the body as waste.  The KAESCH MICRO STEAM brings ingredients directly into the body without being administered the way usual vitamins and mineral supplements are delivered via the digestive tract.


Free radicals
Access all chemicals within their reach and destroy the cell’s own molecules. When free radicals get out of control the resultant cells may experience consequential damages such as inflammation, atherosclerosis, ulcers, cancerous tumors, and also premature aging.

Antioxidant protection factor
Antioxidants protect cells against free radicals.



Protection of skin cells
Among other things, UVA and UVB radiation can over time result in damaged skin cells, Reactive Oxygen Molecules (ROM).  ROM promotes the formation of other radicals that can damage cells and genes. Lycopene, vitamin C and E, scavenge free radicals. Beta-carotene deactivates ROM.

Protection of the collagen structure
With increasing age and excessive UV influence, dermis cells produce more of the so-called collagenase MMP1.
This destroys the collagen network and thus contributes to wrinkles. Antioxidants such as lycopene, vitamin C and E or flavonoids can interrupt that aging process. The human body is subjected to ongoing cellular division and the shedding of spent cells, a process of constant change.

These shower systems are available in a 90 x 90 cm (3 x 3 ft) size glass cubicle with a small 1 x 1 ft compartment to the side for the shower’s electronic components. This shower can be designed with any picture or background you can imagine in high resolution; also integrated with the Rain Shower cubes as well as LED lighting to improve your experience. Please look over our selection of essential oils to use with your Micro Steam Shower as well and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Promote well being and good health in your life.


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