Mesmerizing Round Bathtubs By KAESCH-USA ~ Bathroom Design Kaesch ~ Luxury Bathtubs,Faucets,Sinks And Rain Showers

Customer Satisfaction is priority at KAESCH our Customers shall receive what they ask for. German manufactured and engineered to its finest sets us apart from our Competitors. Quality that lasts and not has to be replaced every two years , has no price Tag. Style , sustainable and luxurious Products is what your will find when shopping with us. Ask your local designer how to integrate and build your dream bathroom and we will make sure you set up apart from all others.


Rainshower by Kaesch

Rain Shower by Kaesch

Sink by Kaesch

Sink Model Palm by Kaesch


Corner Freestand Palm by Kaesch
Freestand Bathtub Model Palm by Kaesch
Hand polished black granite vessel sink
Micro Steam Shower
TSRS ~ Therapy Skin Rejuvenation System The atomized micro-droplets penetrate the pores of the skin as a result of the opposite electrostatic charge after impact on the skin and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract infusing the blended micro into the cell structures of the body.
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