Award Winning Designer Overflow Bathtubs from Kaesch. Harmony with yourself and nature. !!

Overflow Bathtubs by KÄSCH

The Overflow Bathtubs designed by KÄSCH, claimed as “a bath in harmony with yourself and nature.” It designed with the water which flows back into the basin in a seemingly endless cycle and used natural looked material, warped in modern design. The design allowing user to enjoy a visual and acoustic experience during bath, from start to finish. It also create an atmosphere which make the users focus on nothing but their self and soothing massage sensations. The Overflow Bathtubs contains six designs and got several award such as “reddot design award 2008″, “iF product design award 2009″, “Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2009″ and “iF product design award 2010″.

Overflow Bathtubs – CHI
Overflow Bathtubs by KÄSCH

“The award winning whirlpool bathtub CHI brings elegance into your bathroom.

Rounded corners lend the square form pleasing, soft, unique contours. The fashionable design provides your bathroom with a luxurious and trend-oriented style.”


Overflow Bathtubs – FLOAT
Overflow Bathtubs by KÄSCH

“This model’s extravagant outer edge with its two sharp and two rounded corners presents a modern look.

The award winning whirlpool bathtub FLOAT is very spacious and incorporates a timeless design. Avant-garde and comfortable at the same time, it offers a generous space for your consummate bathing enjoyment.”


Overflow Bathtubs – LAKE
Overflow Bathtubs by KÄSCH

“The simple beauty of LAKE’s classical bathtub form is visually enchanting.

The simplest of materials, such as stone, cement, glass and aluminum combine in the award winning whirlpool bathtub LAKE to create an unforgettable ambiente. You may freely select the materials suitable for your bathroom.”


Overflow Bathtubs – ORIENTAL
Overflow Bathtubs by KÄSCH

“The award winning whirlpool bathtub ORIENTAL impresses with its spaciousness.

A descending step provides safe footing and easy access. The combination of wood with the installation awakens a feeling of a symbiosis of energy and gentleness.”


Overflow Bathtubs – POND
Overflow Bathtubs by KÄSCH

“Those who prefer clear, straight lines will select the award winning whirlpool bathtub POND.

This overflow-tub is especially striking with its wood edging. POND is available in three different sizes, to suit your space needs.”


Overflow Bathtubs – WISH
Overflow Bathtubs by KÄSCH

“WISH’s fascination is reflected in its quiet contours and pleasing elliptical form. Unobtrusive elegance and a hint of luxury are the defining features of this tub design.”


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