Benefits and why Bio natural Oils are so important.

You hear so much about how to apply the best bio natural Oils to your body and what Oils done. We can now say that we have found the best solutions how to apply. The new TSRS ( Therapy skin rejuvenation system) from Kaesch will be available here late April 2014. The first system has been sold and the Wellness industry will soon find its way to us.

Micro Steam Nebulizing system

TSRS- Therapy Skin Rejuvenation System

You simply enter a glass shower compartment where you sit comfortably and press the start button. After a few seconds, the room is filled with a light that envelops your body. This technology contains nebulized soluble substances such as vitamins E and C. The elements of natural oils, salts and minerals from the salt solutions infused in the micro, are then able to enter through the pores of the skin to the organs, the connective tissue, the nervous system and cells of the body. Thus the immune system of the body is supported. Disease and inflammation in the body can be treated by the dissolved vitamins. Free radicals can be combated successfully. The micro also contains ultra-fine aerosols which are formed by the atomized bio-photons


Bio natural Oils offer:

One of the attributes from the Therapy Skin Rejuvenation System
in the integration of Aroma Therapy to not only betters your
showering experience but to better your health as well.
We offer these amazing oils depending on your skin’s needs.
Benefits for Black Cumin Oil for example are :arganoilexperts11113

Immune stimulatory · Anti-inflammatory · Anticarcinogenic · Galle impulsive · Antispasmodic · Antimicrobial · Worm impulsive · Diuretic · Antioxidant and promotes the formation of milk
The anti-inflammatory effect of the oil can be explained by its anti-inflammatory effect on the formation acting growth hormones (prostaglandin E2), its immunostimulatory effects by contrast, its ability the proliferation and activity of immune cells and the formation of chemical messengers within the immune system increase. Because of this and its anticonvulsant effect on the bronchial muscles, he has been at Asthmatics and allergy sufferers proven particularly well. It provides also for digestive disorders, such as bloating or fullness and simultaneously has excellent vermiform and anti-fungal effects.


Bio natural oils are literally the lifeblood of the plant, and may assume an increasingly important role in combating new mutations of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Hospitals in England, France and Germany use essential oils for their anti bacterial properties. The essential oil of lemon is used in place of harsh chemical cleansers. A vast body of anecdotal evidence suggests that those who use essential oils are less likely to contract infectious diseases. Oil users who do contract an infectious illness tend to recover faster than those using antibiotics do.


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