Finally the Premier for the First Micro Mist Shower in the USA and Canada is coming soon.

It’s official. The first Micro Mist shower will be installed in beautiful Sarasota Fl at the end of May.  Spas and Wellness Centers all over the country heard about the newest in Wellness and already is showing interest.

A revolution in shower technology, Kaesch introduces the Micro Mist Shower system. Our shower system removes oils and impurities from the skins pores, allowing for healthy skin and a glowing complexion. A variety of therapeutic oils is available to both sooth and beautifies one’s skin. Our therapy has even been shown to improve certain respiratory and skin ailments. Proven technology for the atomization of medicated bio-natural oils and salt solutions from minerals, vitamins, trace elements, fatty acids and bio-photons infused into the body through the pores of the skin and the respiratory system.

Simply enter a glass shower compartment where you sit comfortably and press the start button. After a few seconds, the room is filled with a light that envelops your body.  The elements of natural oils, salts and minerals from the salt solutions infused in the micro, are then able to enter through the pores of the skin to the organs, the connective tissue, the nervous system and cells of the body. Thus the immune system of the body is supported. Disease and inflammation in the body can be treated by the dissolved vitamins

Contact us for more info and ask how you can use it even in your own home.


Micro Mist Shower


All Models are available with a background design of your likes


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