Luxury freestanding bathtubs inspired by nature

Freestand Collection

Kaesch’s elegant collection of freestanding tubs set the bar for simplicity in a bathtub. The freestanding collection was inspired by nature in its purest form and is designed to make a statement in your bathroom without overwhelming your senses. These beautiful tubs are spacious in design and still maintain their misleading size leaving room enough for improvisation.

The uniqueness in these tubs really leave much to the imagination as they are designed to be placed anywhere. A small change such as installing the “Palm” bathtub in place of a traditional rectangular tub can actually drastically change the mood of that space. The  “Palm’s” rounded features add a subtle softness and can easily accent natural elements such as wood, stone, or tile. It is also very easy to add a modern touch with steel faucets or hardware.

 Kaesch’s Freestand Collection defines simplicity while still being a dramatic change to your bathing. We pride ourselves in the innovation behind bathing and turning a monotonous routine into something not only more enjoyable but also a key factor in the betterment of your well being.


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