FREESTAND Collection – N-JOY


The N-JOY was designed for simply that purpose. Enjoy this ergonomically designed bathtub, keeping the human form in mind for heavenly relaxation. Its composition easily draws the eye complimenting any style or theme in your bathroom. N-JOY is a unique while being uncomplicated, it is an understatement while still keeping your attention.

Kaesch invites you to wash away the stress of the day in this effortlessly beautiful bathtub.

Model: N-JOY

Length 1800 mm 70.9 in
Width 850 mm 33.5 in
Height 600 mm 23.6 in
Net Weight (acrylic/sandstone) 60/130 kg 132.3/286.6 lbs
Water Volume 220 liters 58.1 gal

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