From Micro Steam Shower to Micro Mist Shower and now Therapy Skin Rejuvination System (TSRS)

This is how TSRS (KAESCH MICRO Steam/Mist) works
You simply enter a glass shower compartment where you sit comfortably and press the start button.
After a few seconds, the room is filled with a light that envelopes your body. This technology
contains nebulized soluble substances such as vitamins E and C. The elements of natural oils, salts and
minerals from the salt solutions infused in the Micro are then able to enter through the pores of
the skin to the organs, the connective tissue, the nervous system and cells of the body. Thus the
immune system of the body is supported. Disease and inflammation in the body can be treated by
the dissolved vitamins. Free radicals can be combated successfully. The Micro also contains ultra-fine
aerosols which are formed by the atomized bio-photons. These are waves of light that are emitted
from every living organism constantly, and must be renewed by nature continuously.
Undeniably, the KAESCH THERAPY SKIN REJUVENATION SYSTEM plays a vital role facilitating bio-photons in certain biochemical processes such as free radical                                                            reactions necessary for the bio-photon process to work effectively





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