A customer’s take on LAKE

A Customer’s Vision on LAKE from the Overflow Collection

While Käsch is exploring new opportunities how to beautify your bathroom, our costumers shows us what is possible. It takes a great interior designer or at least somebody who can think like one; some one who can think outside the box.

On the first picture you can see how you can implement our overflow model “Lake”

This luxury award winning whirlpool overflow Model Lake is very spacious and incorporates a classic design. This very unique overflow bathtub measures a length of 86.6 inches and gives everybody the chance to immerse themselves.

Champagne –like bubbles and some special jets will make you forget the daily stress and will put you in a new state of mind.

This luxurious designed overflow tub will give you the opportunity to enjoy a deep and relaxing bath while water circulates constantly, giving the user a feeling of relaxation and well being.

We build a special water spigot for it because he wanted to let the water flow into the tub with his favorite colors.

Truly something what I call “one of a kind”.

Takiyu RT 190

This exclusive waterfall bathtub model from KAESCH, with a waterfall at the foot end, is conceived as a solo-tub. The flowing water’s gentle massages you while you start to relax and you will be surprised how soon you will return to your inner tranquility.

I am amazed what people come up with to integrate beauty and space .  If you want the best you go with Kaesch.

Hope we could inspire a few of you with this kind of Art.

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