Kaesch Micro Steam Technology

Proven technology for the atomization of medicated oils and salt solutions
from the minerals, vitamins, trace elements, fatty acids and bio-photons
to the body through the skin and the respiratory system – KÄSCH MICRO STEAM.

People often realize and sometimes with regret, experience an unfortunate event reinforcing that they are responsible for their own health and welfare.  To prove oneself in any endeavor one has to be hale & hearty, be it with regard to nutrition, reasonable physical exercise and a balanced psychology. Vacation and rest are essential to productivity; learn to listen to the signs and signals of the body.  It is not enough to try to catch up on a whole year of neglect with a few weeks of rest and recreation per year; it is an ongoing and continuous process. People are beginning to realize the importance of regular maintenance and good health and regular use of KAESCH MICRO STEAM can help you develop good practices achieving sound long-term health goals.

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