KÄSCH Micro Steam Technology – (TSRS) (Therapy Skin Rejuvenation System) – an innovation in body care, beauty and health.

Finally the waiting is over. The first Therapy Skin Rejuvenation System is installed here in the USA and it is a success. KAESCH products have already become a hallmark of design and functionality. Now the company’s portfolio will be supplemented by a unique shower cubicle with Micro Steam Technology. The KAESCH Micro-Steam shower also called Therapy Skin Rejuvenation System can be used for both body care and cleansing.

The special technology developed by KAESCH serves to atomize specific organic base oils so that they can be absorbed through the pores of the skin to develop their benign effects in the depths of the lower skin layers. Thus the skin is stimulated from inside by purely organic substances.The formation of facial folds is reduced and the skin becomes smoother and appears more youthful. Moreover, the system has a positive “side effect” on impure skin and skin diseases.

For this system, a range of choice organic oils is available which can be used for a host of different applications. When separately introducing breathable air, this system can also be used by people with respiratory diseases. Additionally, this system may be equipped with optional chromo-therapy facilities.

The shower cubicle is made of specially coated safety glass; the design of the side and rear walls can be customized – a host of color components or selected photographic motifs are available. An integrated, comfortable shower seat makes showering even more comfortable, especially for elder persons.   


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Therapy Skin Rejuvenation System

Micro Steam Shower – TSRS (Therapy Skin Rejuvenation System)




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