Outstanding Design From The Overflow Collection – CHI

kaesch overflow collection chi

This luxurious overflow tub, which is one of our award winning Red Dot designs, not only gives you the wellness you deserve, it offers complete indulgence. This luxurious designed overflow bathtub will give you the opportunity to enjoy a deep and relaxing bath while water circulates constantly performing a light water massage and promoting your well being.

All components are made of the highest quality materials available, the tub being made out of sanitary acrylic and the solid pipes and fittings being premium products, ensuring the best bathing experience possible.

Bathroom wellness products are rising in popularity because of their benefits. Hydrotherapy for example relied on as an aid in treating muscular and joint injuries, arthritis, and it is still treating general well-being in private bathtubs.

Rounded corners lend the square form pleasing, soft, unique contours providing maximum comfort. The fashionable design provides your bathroom with a luxurious and trend-oriented style.

These modern designed luxury bathtubs manufactured in Germany can be sunken or caged in like regular bathtubs and would make an attractive feature to any bathroom.

Since there are no sharp corners or hard to reach surfaces and all water will literally be sucked out of the tub as well all pipes, it makes cleaning easy and unlike other overflow bathtubs on the market, there are NO mold issues with the Kaesch overflow collection.

Model: CHI

Length 2000 mm 78.8 in
Width 2000 mm 78.8 in
Height 500 mm 19.7 in
Net Weight 190 kg 418 lbs
Water Volume 860 liters 227 gal.

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