Elegant Bathtub From The Overflow Collection – LAKE

kaesch overflow collection lake

This luxury award winning whirlpool overflow Model Lake is very spacious and incorporates a classic design. The simple beauty of LAKE’s classical bathtub form is visually enchanting. The simplest of materials, such as stone, cement, glass and aluminium combine in the award winning whirlpool bathtub LAKE to create an unforgettable ambiente. You may freely select the materials suitable for your bathroom.

This very unique overflow bathtub measures a length of 86.6 inches and gives the option of multiple bathers.

Champagne-like bubbles and some special jets located here and there in the tub will make you forget the daily stress and will put you in a new and composed state of mind. This luxuriously designed overflow tub will give you the opportunity to enjoy deeply relaxing and invigorating bath while water circulates constantly, giving the user a feeling of repose and well being.

Kaesch guarantees components are made of the highest quality materials available, the tub being made out of sanitary acrylic and the solid pipes and fittings being premium products, ensuring the best bathing experience possible.

This soothing bathing experience is everything your body will need for a good night sleep or a nice night out. Imagine the endless futures these overflow model has to offer to give you the satisfaction you deserve.  Ozone Therapy for instance generates ozone treated air into the water, which makes the water more pure & clean and providing cleaner breath in water. The end result is and overall feeling of well being and renewed energy. Absorbing pure air helps in correcting blood flow as also physical and mental balancing.

Lake brings the peaceful and the prefect solution of simplicity and beauty through its capsule overflow design. This overflow flow model Lake blends to any kind of material, rock, cement, glass or even aluminum. This future helps enhancing the luxury of your bathroom.

The sound of overflow water accentuates your relationship with nature.

Model: LAKE

Length 2200 mm 86.6 in
Width 1300 mm 51.2 in
Height 500 mm 19.7 in
Net Weight 150 kg 330 lbs
Water Volume 370 liters 97.7 gal

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