Luxurious Bathtub From The Overflow Collection – POND

kaesch overflow colletion pond

The one who loves simplicity and nature will be attracted by POND, especially when this tub is built into the wooden counter top.

Lean your body onto its soft polyurethane headrests, close your eyes, and let yourself float into pure relaxation. This luxuriously designed overflow tub will give you the opportunity to enjoy a deep and relaxing bath while water circulates constantly, giving the user a feeling of relaxation and well being.

All components are made of the highest quality materials available, the tub being made out of sanitary acrylic and the solid pipes and fittings being premium products, ensuring the best bathing experience possible.

Three sizes are available to match to any size of the bathroom.

Model: POND

Length 2000mm ~ 2100mm ~ 2200 mm 78.7in ~ 82.7in ~ 86.6 in
Width 1200mm ~ 1300mm ~ 1500 mm 47.2in ~ 51.2in ~ 59 in
Height 500 mm 19.6 in
Net Weight 150kg ~170kg ~ 200 kg 300 ~ 374.8 ~ 401 lbs
Water Volume 410L~ 470L ~ 530 liters 108.3gal ~ 124.2gal ~ 140 gal.

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