Pictures of the Micro Steam Shower

Micro-Steam Shower System: how it benefits your health and over all wellness.

1)  Oils are going to be atomized/vaporized so that the pores of the skin opens up and the atomized oils can enter the  skin

The skin is thus stimulated from within. Hardening and Troche (folds

and impurities) are positively affected and the skin then grows revived and rejuvenated

2) Salts are obscured in this way as well. Skin diseases and respiratory diseases

can be influenced positively. This application has done a great job with Neurodermitis.

3) Various types of oils are available for different applications.

This is not a medical device ! The shower counts as a wellness product.

This is just a sample shower. Certainly you can still have the choice of color and motif .

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