Taking your time to relax to reduce stress and make you feel good about yourself.

A warm bath can help  relax tensed nerves.      It can also improve your health… not just beauty health!


There’s something deliciously soothing about a hot bath: it makes us feel secure and weightless. Hot water is a natural and reassuring element. Add bubble bath, essential oils or bath salts, and you can create your very own little sanctuary that will refresh your spirit and relax your limbs. And if you want to add a splash of the unusual to your bath times, why not try one of these Wellness Therapies  and reinvigorating ways to soak?


The aromatherapy bath
An aroma therapy bath uses essential oils, which stimulate our sense of smell and have therapeutic qualities. Some are relaxing (lavender, orange blossom, mandarin, lemon balm, ) some are toning (bergamot, marjoram, grapefruit) and some are reinvigorating (mint). All you need to do is dissolve a few drops of your chosen oil in a dessert spoon of vegetable oil or milk, then add it to your bathwater. There are plenty of ready-made products available, too. Breathe in the aromas deeply, close your eyes and let your worries float away, feeling your tension easing and your senses awakening.


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