takiyu japanese tradition in modern bathrooms

The Takiyu collection from Kaesch recreates the act of bathing by combining a luxury whirlpool with a “takiyu” or waterfall. Japanese tradition is fused with contemporary design and comfort. Let yourself drift away in this amazing collection of bathtubs.

The Japanese bath experience amounts too much more than simply washing off.  Many Japanese view sitting in their soaking tubs as a must-do daily ritual similar to eating or sleeping.  For those individuals bathing is something that they must do to feel healthy and happy. Kaesch recreates traditional bathing with this breath taking collection; while enhancing your experience with the soothing sounds of a waterfall. It allows for mind and body to relax as one and transports your senses to serene peacefulness. A combination of flowing water, massaging jets and our state of the art Chromo Therapy LED lighting system, allows one to customize daily bathing as well as tuning into your body’s needs through a full spectrum of color.

End your day with a sensational bathing experience while promoting better health.

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The TAKIYU bathtub collection: CN 160 | RO 170 | OV 190 | CS 200 | SQ 180 | RT 200 | RT 912 | RT 190

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kaesch takiyu collection cn160

CN 160

kaesch takiyu collection ro170

RO 170

kaesch takiyu collection ov190

OV 190

kaesch takiyu collection cs200

CS 200

kaesch takiyu collection sq180

SQ 180

kaesch takiyu collection rt200

RT 200

kaesch takiyu collection rt912

RT 912

kaesch takiyu collection rt190

RT 190