TAKIYU Collection – RT190

kaesch takiyu collection rt190

This exclusive waterfall bathtub model from KAESCH, with a waterfall at the foot, is conceived as a solo-tub. The flowing water’s gentle massages you while you start to relax and you will be surprised how soon you will return to your inner tranquility. Soak yourself in this ingeniously designed TAKIYU – RT190 whirlpool that washes away all your tensions and worries with powerful, yet gentle flowing water.

Takiyu RT190 | Design: Chat Kamioka | Japan

Length 1900 mm  74.8 in
Width 1000 mm   39.3 in
Height 550 mm   21.7 in
Net Weight 115 kg  253.5 lbs
Water Volume 380 liters 100.3 gal

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