TAKIYU Collection – RT200/RT220

kaesch takiyu collection rt200

The Takiyu RT200/RT220 tub was designed to take the soothing waterfall a bit further. Water flows gently out of the decorative cover diagonally allowing for free flowing water throughout the bathtub turning your bathroom into a room of uncomplicated luxury. Its spacious design permits full submersion and free motion amongst the swirling waters, lightly massaging every muscle into complete relaxation. Its swirling water gently massaging every inch of your body and promotes better blood flow will help to relieve sore muscles or pain throughout the body.



Length 2000-2200 mm   78.7-86.6 in
Width 1400 mm   55.1 in
Height 550 mm   21.7 in
Net Weight 165-175 kg 363.8-385.8 lbs
Water Volume 470-520 liters 124.2-137.4 gal

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