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A revolution in shower technology, Kaesch introduces the new Therapy Rejuvenation System . Our shower system removes oils and impurities from the skins pores, allowing for healthy skin and a glowing complexion. A variety of therapeutic oils is available to both sooth and beautifies one’s skin. Our therapy has even been shown to improve certain respiratory and skin ailments.


1) Activation of metabolism within the cell.

2)  Positive impact on the entire endocrine system.
3)  Increasing the bio-photon of the body and fight free

4) Nervous stability and physical well-being.
Improvement of skin tone.
5) Overall performance – Increase the resistance forces, lower cholesterol, increase of
capillary flow, increased elasticity of blood vessels and skin allergies subside,
treatment of skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis can be treated successfully,
cellulite is reduced, significant reduction in blood sugar levels in diabetics,
normalize blood pressure in hypertension.

Each of the Bio-naturals oils have a different impact on your body. radicals.arganoilexperts11113

Please select the one good for you. Visit
Positive effects can be evident after only 15-20 applications (1 application per day for about 10
minutes each ,twice a week and results a visible after just one months )
People often realize and sometimes with regret, experience an unfortunate event reinforcing that
they are responsible for their own health and welfare. To prove oneself in any endeavor one has to
be hale & hearty, be it with regard to nutrition, reasonable physical exercise and a balanced
psychology. Vacation and rest are essential to productivity; learn to listen to the signs and signals of
the body. It is not enough to try to catch up on a whole year of neglect with a few weeks of rest and
recreation per year; it is an ongoing and continuous process. Increasingly, people are beginning to
realize the importance of regular maintenance of good health than was previously the case. Regular
use of KAESCH – THERAPY SKIN REJUVENATION SYSTEM helps you develop good practices achieving sound long-term
health goals.
People are living longer and after a long and arduous career of work, they want to enjoy their
retiring years in sound mind and body and for those post-retirement years to be a positive and
engaging experience. This desire can become a reality if you can enjoy living healthily with a
balanced lifestyle.
A completely new development contributes to this concern and creates a simple and natural
way to assist optimum fitness, performance and well-being.
The KAESCH MICRO STEAM or now Therapy Skin Rejuvenation System shower compartment is equipped with complete innovative
technology combining the use of natural organic materials. The effective aim is to support the
immune system, in a body-stimulating, antioxidant rich environment yielding a favorable cosmetic
treatment of the skin and mucous membranes. A variety of compounds can be blended into the
micro and infused while resting comfortably in the shower compartment.
The atomized micro-droplets penetrate the pores of the skin as a result of the opposite electrostatic

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