Therapy Skin Rejuvenation System – TSRS. A German Wellness Product build to perfection to get your skin back alive.

The Kaesch “Therapy Skin Rejuvenation System” shower compartment is equipped with complete innovative technology combining the use of natural organic materials. The effective aim is to support the immune system, in a body-stimulating, antioxidant rich environment yielding a favorable cosmetic treatment of the skin and mucous membranes. A variety of compounds can be blended into the micro and infused while resting comfortably in the shower compartment.


The atomized micro-droplets penetrate the pores of the skin as a result of the opposite electrostatic charge after impact on the skin and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract infusing the blended micro into the cell structures of the body. This positive effect can be clearly demonstrated by the photon count. The nebulized ingredients infused into the micro reach the whole body quickly and with immediate effect.  The blended, infused, natural nutrients are not ingested into the digestive tract so are not consumed or excreted by the body as waste.  The Kaesch Therapy Rejuvenation System shower brings ingredients directly into the body without being administered the way usual vitamins and mineral supplements are delivered via the digestive tract.

Another amazing aspect of this shower system is the versatility that comes with it. The chamber housing the Micro Steam tech can also accommodate the Rainshower blocks so that you have just doubled its usefulness. You are also able to change up the decor in this model by using any photo or picture as the background of this shower. It is truly an unsurpassed combination of well being and rela

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