CHROMO Therapy

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Chromo Therapy

As far back as ancient Egypt Chromotherapy (or color light therapy) has been used to treat many different ailments. It was thought that the colored light would counteract the illness and balance the body. In many cultures it is believed that color has great influence on the mind and its emotions and even sway over the bodily systems and help with aches and pains in any extremities. Today it is a way for us to calm the mind and body as one and promote good health.

In reference to the chakras, it is easy to see the connection between some colors and parts of the body when you lay the spectrum out exactly as it appears in nature. Focusing on key colors and the systems related to them can actually help in bathing as you are catering the part that is out of balance.

This variation of light therapy technology sets our products above and beyond in the arena of relaxation. Our exclusive bathtubs are equipped with high-tech LED’s that cover the entire visible color spectrum. With the pool control, the user can halt at the desired color to best influence their state.

KAESCH is proud to offer this unique and helpful accessory with our products to provide you with the best experience possible.

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