HYDRO Therapy

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Hydrotherapy is most easily defined as the therapeutic use of water.  It helps treat everything from typhoid to tumors. Hydrotherapy  relied on as an aid in treating muscular and joint injuries and arthritis. It also a treatment for general well-being in modern saunas and private bathtubs.

The benefits of hydro therapy are a result of the principles of buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure and water temperature. The principle of buoyancy of water comes into play when treating muscular or joint injuries. Being in water reduces body weight by up to 90%. This relieves the pressure on our joints and muscles and the feeling of weightlessness proves to be very relaxing mentally as well as physically.

The weightless effect of water is also recommended for arthritis sufferers, as it eases joint stiffness and improves the mobility of the joints. Hydrostatic pressure offers a form of massage that is soothing as well as healing. Studies at trauma and burn centers have shown that the massaging currents of water gently soothe touchy nerve endings while cleansing the wounds. This massaging action, combined with weightlessness, relaxes tight muscles. Hydrotherapy also releases natural pain killers, called endorphins, into our system.

Adjustable jet pressure and water circulation, made possible by professionally developed technology, provide a massaging effect and thus a further increase in your experience of well-being.


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