Hydrothermal therapy is a treatment that originated in ancient Greece  and take advantage of the body’s reactions to hot and cold temperatures and the pressure exerted upon the body by water and the soothing sensation that it gives. Hydrothermal therapy affects the body by stimulating the nerves in the surface of the skin. The nerves, in turn, carry the impulses deep inside the body where they have multiple effects including stimulating the immune system, circulation, digestion, hormone production, reducing pain and reducing stress.As the name suggests, this form of therapy utilizes the combination of water and different temperatures.

Hot water, between 36-38° C, (96.8F – 100.4F) promotes deep muscle relaxation and counteracts tension. Warm water, between 29-36° C,(84.2F – 96.8F) relaxes and promotes deeper sleep. Cool water, between 10-29° C,(50.0F – 84.2F) stimulates circulation and organ functioning.

Just another way that Kaesch is determined to not give a better bathing experience but a better quality of life as well.

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