Takiyu luxury waterfall bathtub, relax your body and mind in the privacy of your own home.

Takiyu luxury bathtub.

Takiyu is the Japanese word for waterfall; these Asian inspired bathtubs get their name from their unique accessory that comes with the collection: a waterfall.  Send yourself away to a Japanese water garden with a whispering waterfall, relax and close your eyes let all of your trouble and stress wash away.

The design behind these breath taking spas are surrounded around the waterfall
incorporation, while also including all the usual bells and whistles. These luxury tubs have offer an array of packages to choose from, allowing you to pick from different waterfalls, and multiple jets. This ensures that your luxury bathtub is exactly how you want it.

These luxurious tubs look inviting, and also have a
compilation of technological features making this tub much more than just
aesthetically pleasing. As well as the soothing waterfall off one or
more sides, there are many version options ranging from the amount of jets to
a multicolor lighting option, and many more add ons to fill one’s personal desires in a luxury bathtub.

For many Japanese, bathing is not simply something one must do to stay clean and healthy, it is also a means of relaxation and reflection. This is a practice to help them to be healthy outside as well as in. Bathing has long been looked upon as a means to bond with those closest to you: family, friends, even social gatherings may take place at a local bath house. Bathing together was a way to catch up on gossip and make plans, much like how a nail salon must look or a coffee house. The goal behind the Takiyu Collection was to bring this practice back into the spot light as a much needed form of relaxation in your home. A way for mind and body to unite in relaxation and contentment at the end or even the beginning of the day.

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